You are currently viewing Best Network Support and Diagnostics in Surrey BC, White Rock, Vancouver, Delta

Best Network Support and Diagnostics in Surrey BC, White Rock, Vancouver, Delta

Pc Plus Computing is dedicated to providing best network support and-diagnostics support services in Surrey, BC. PC Plus Computing Solutions provides complete solutions for business and personal use. Furthermore, specialties include Local Area Networks using Windows Server Technologies, Microsoft Operating System software, shared Internet products that allow multiple users to access the Internet with a single high speed connection and wireless network solutions.
Pc Plus Computing Solutions can remotely connect to your network thought internet to diagnose and test your LAN server and PC’s in the following fields:

Network Support and Diagnostics for your Home and Business Computers

  • Network Design
  • Network Configuration
  • Network Security
  • Network  Firewall
  • WIFI Configuration
  • RAM usage level
  • Hard Disk status, free/usage percentage
  • CPU resources usage
  • Applications installed/remove in each machine
  • Anti Virus software update
  • Firewall protection configuration
  • DHCP configuration
  • Group computers configuration
  • LAN topological connection
  • We are the network Support experts in the Lower Mainland

For more information about please call our office at 604-760-1662

Our Other Services: We are best in Computer Repairs

Surrey Data Recovery  and PC Plus Computing  has been helping small businesses  in surrey, Langley, newton, white rock, New Westminster and Barnaby for almost 15 years. We provide support to our  home and Business users with computer repair, hardware repair , software configuration, and network solutions. We provide Mobile service to all our customers.


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