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Data Recovery in Surrey

Data Recovery in Surrey

In Simple Terms “Data recovery is a process of salvaging (retrieving) inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data stored in them cannot be accessed in a usual way.

Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible. data recovery typically refers to the restoring data to a desktop, laptop, server or external storage system from a backup media or from another device has the data.

Causes of data loss

We can loose Data Due to Lot of reasons. Most data loss is caused by human error, rather than malicious attacks. Most common causes of data loss include power outages, natural disasters, equipment failures or malfunctions, accidental deletion of data, unintentionally formatting a hard drive, damaged hard drive read/write heads, software crashes, Software Corruption, logical errors, firmware corruption, continued use of a computer or server after signs of failure, physical damage to hard drives, laptop theft, and spilling coffee or water on a computer.

Most of the time you can see some signs if Hard Drive is failing. Here is some of the signs of the failing Hard Drive.

Common warning signs of hard drive failure:

  • Computer start and load up the windows very slow.
  • Computer might crash in the middle of start.
  • Blue Screen of Death BSOD
  • Frequent but irregular crashes, especially while booting up Windows
  • Frequent and cryptic error messages while performing typical activities like moving files
  • Folder and file names that have been scrambled and changed
  • Disappearing files and folders on the desktop
  • Takes Longer time to open up the files
  • Hard drive grinds away constantly because of noisy bearings
  • Make Clicking Noise sometime
  • Error Message Backup your data smart test failed.

If you hear any noise coming from the Hard Drive Please turn off your computer and Contact Certified Data Recovery Company. Some of the most common sound you might hear coming from the drives are

  • Clicking Sound
  • Grinding Noise
  • Beep Beep Noise
  • No Noise

What is the Data Recovery Process Once your Hard Drive is not functioning?

  1. Hard Drive Firmware is corrupted
  2. Hard Drive Modules are Corrupted
  3. Bad Sectors
  4. Bad Heads
  5. Damage Head
  6. Damage Arm
  7. Damaged Logic Board.
  8. Visual Inspection
  9. Microscopic Inspection

Our Goal is Recover the Most and Accurate Data. We need to make sure we have the right Diagnostic for the hard drive.

We Can Recover the Data in almost all stages as long as Platter is in good shape.

We are 100% Onsite Data Recovery. We do not source out Data recovery jobs to other company like other Computer companies. We are Certified Data Recovery Specialist and we  can recover data from almost any kind of laptops, desktops, Macbook, External drive and servers. We perform Level 1,2 and Level 3 Data Recovery Services.

we can recover Deleted files and repair corrupted files of any type including Microsoft Office Documents and Database to the best of our ability. We Provide complete Data Protection System for home and Business. There is no substitute for good Backup. We can help you to setup your business on proper backup as per your business needs.

We have been Serving Surrey for almost 23+ Years. We offer Complete Business IT Services and Data Recovery Services for home and Business.

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Repair
  • Hard Drive Diagnostic
  • Clone Damage Hard Drive
  • Hard Drive Head Replacement
  • Recover Deleted Files
  • Recover Corrupted Files
  • Repair Hard Drive Logic Board
  • Transfer Hard Drive Rom
  • Change USB3 Hard Drive to Sata Drive
  • SSD Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Raid Data Recovery
  • USB Data Recovery
  • SD Card Data Recovery
  • Portable Hard Drive data Recovery
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